A service of Lauber Dancey, PLLC

At Lauber Dancey, our practice is committed to protecting and defending the rights of consumers against creditors and banks.  We specialize in settling debts with aggressive creditors and challenging predatory debt collections practices.  With 20+ years of practice experience, the attorneys at Lauber Dancey are also especially knowledgeable about the interplay between family law and bankruptcy.  We understand the extremely difficult personal circumstances that you may be facing and we are here to alleviate the pressure and stress associated with debt.

We believe our role as lawyers is to offer a supportive environment for you when facing difficult legal issues.


Ms. Lauber graduated from Seattle University School of Law with a strong commitment to serving social justice and the public interest. During school, she participated in the Ronald Peterson Law Clinic's Predatory Lending program where she assisted homeowners in fighting banks to keep their homes during the economic downturn. She also volunteered with Multifaith Works, a community organization dedicated to the de-stimatization and support of individuals living with HIV and Aids.

Ms. Dancey has been an advocate for clients for more than 20 years. She is licensed to practice in both Washington and Georgia. Her experience includes family law, bankruptcy law, traffic citations and arbitration. Ms. Dancey focuses her practice on discovering the needs of her clients and working with them to craft a plan to resolve their case quickly and affordably.