Seattle Debt Negotiation

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Debt settlement may be a good alternative to bankruptcy under certain circumstances. An attorney with Lauber Dancey will negotiate with your creditors to settle your unsecured debts for 20-50% less than what you owe. You may have heard of, or been involved with a debt relief or debt consolidation company that asks for money up front to reduce your debts. Those programs are typically scams and will not get you the same results an attorney at Lauber Dancey can secure for you. If you’re being harassed by creditors, retain an attorney through our firm to re-direct those phone calls to us. Once you are represented, they can only talk to your attorney. Creditors typically negotiate with debtors who are delinquent in their payments or are already suing the debtor. Creditors are willing to negotiate with bankruptcy attorneys and settle for a small percentage of the total amount owed because they understand that if the debtor files for bankruptcy, they will get nothing. No one makes this argument more convincingly than a bankruptcy attorney with Lauber Dancey.

Lauber Dancey attorneys have a long history of debt negotiations with successful results.

As in all legal matters, individual circumstances matter. Each client situation is different. Lump sum settlements are negotiated on a daily basis through the experienced attorneys at Lauber Dancey, so call us today to set up a free consultation with an attorney and stop creditors dead in their tracks.
We believe our role as lawyers is to offer a supportive environment for you when facing difficult legal issues